Sunday, December 10, 2006

Solaris and Sun Studio


Desktop computers older than 4 years old may not be able to run it.
Notebook computers older than 2 years old may not be able to run it.

so, my testing platform is P4 512MB.

Before inserting the dvd (I got the auto installation version), free enough disk (32G in my installation) space for solaris. Some suggests that the minimum is 6G or 8G.

Then insert the dvd. (You might have to set the boot order in the bios).

Should the dvd rom eject if everything works fine. (Well, this is an auto-installation :P). Remove the disk and reboot.

Then gdm starts and everything is easy.

BTW. If you can't find Sun Studio (probably not in the start menu. Did bill create such a menu?). Try type sunstudio with an enter in the console. (Oh.. please. the console is the terminal in linux.)

To be continued...

Next, we are supposed to discuss something about comiplation and start a little program in Sun Studio. Many tools are powerful, but what a pity that we do not even know their names. :D

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