Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Web Service Containers

In web services, request and response are common. However, a stateless web service (actually, should it be called static web pages?) could not provides something as easy as a counter that most websites have (or should they hide the counter for certain reasons). You might be familiar with dynamic pages or PHP, ASP etc. They are just the front end of a stateful web service, or to be more precise, connectors. They connect customers' requests to containers.

What is the relationship among containers, resources and services?

A service provides an entry to certain resources, and services and resources are all in containers. A typical container is Tomcat. Sometimes, standalone makes it easier for installation, but confuses terms. A standalone Tomcat seems more than just a container. It provides what a typical web server provides, at least.

Apache web server (Apache httpd) accepts modulars like PHP modular. Then, could PHP modular be called a container? The motive of PHP is to provides a flexible way to generate dynamical web pages.

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