Saturday, March 21, 2009

Inventions: Fancy Disk Copier and Fancier Copy Dragger

Here are our two new inventions: the Fancy Disk Copier and the Fancier Copy Dragger.

The Fancy Disk Copier is a CD/DVD copy machine. It works like a photo copier. You put in a source CD/DVD, and press "COPY"; the copy CD/DVD will come out instantly. Unlike a photo copier, the Fancy Disk Copier will copy with absolutely no loss of quality. The differences between copies and the original CD/DVD is not distinguishable by anyone except the Fancy Disk Copiers. This will, hopefully, prevent copyright abuse.

Our second invention, the Fancier Copy Dragger, is a dragging controller of copy speed. The Fancier Copy Dragger not only supports dragging forward at any pace, but also enables user to drag back in case a user would enjoy the copy process again. What's more, the Fancier Copy Dragger allows users to undo all copies by dragging to the very beginning. Those undo-ed CD/DVDs can be used as if they are new ones. Unlike photo copiers, hundreds of pieces of paper got wasted once any error occurred. The Fancier Copy Dragger will help protecting our environment.

Thanks for your interest in our new inventions. We will send out our "beta" products to selected users starting from next week. Get involved.

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