Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Migrate from Goolge Pages to Appengine

Migration without losing any data.

When it comes to Google Pages, will you opt-out or do nothing and wait for your pages to be migrated to sites smoothly? We can wait, but at a cost. Google Sites do not provide equal or more features than Pages do. No custom Javascript; no uploaded HTML; limited layouts, themes. It dose not seem possible to migrate without losing any data. Even the appearance will change. So, where else can we migrate to?

Our choice is Appengine.

  • Powerful.
  • From the same vendor.

  • Technical skills required

Step by step migration:
  1. Download your pages as a zip from Google Pages
  2. Create a new appspot handle
  3. Download appengine SDK from
  4. Create a new project
  5. Configure the project
  6. Unzip pages into static content directory
  7. Test on localhost
  8. Deploy to appspot
  9. Test with http://<your-handle>
  10. (Optional) Bind your domain

The long waited automatical migration from Pages to Sites is still not done! Is Google waiting for everyone to opt-out? The magic is a rumor.
Option 1 - Do nothing, and your pages will automatically be moved to Google Sites

  • We'll set up the new site and move your pages for you.
  • Visits to your URL will redirect to your new site.
  • Note that Google Sites does not support custom JavaScript or CSS in its pages.
Option 2 - Opt out of the move, and take your pages to a new location

  • Download your site.
  • Once you've moved your site to its new location, opt out of migration by setting up a redirect below.
Let's wait and see.

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